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Watashi wa Kiyoshino Hotaru (my name means Firefly of Purity >^.^<). I'm a transfer student from America.

I'm half Japanese and half American, but I look totally Asian, with my looong black hair (it's ankle-length, and yet, I never have problems with it!), and my chocolate brown eyes. I am 12, so this is my second year at a magic school. I'm sooo excited to meet you all!

I hope we can all be friends, now that we're in Sparklypoo!!!

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Oooh. Ankle length hair. I bet it shines like the sea but never trips you up!!

Welcom to sparklypoo!!
*gasps, eyes widen* You must be psychic!!! That is SOOO how my hair looks like!!! Wow! I wish I could be pyschic!!!

Domo Arigatou!!!!!!!
Wow, another perfect sister! Making a new a house for us was the best idea Dumbledore has ever had.