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Hi y'all!

I'm Rosemary Sue and I'm sure all y'all are just as happy as I am to be in Sparklypoo! Is this not the coolest house ever? You know, I just can't get over what a big ol' castle this is! They sure don't have homes like this where I come from in the good ol' USA. I just got here, ya know. Never even knew I was a witch until I got the letter! Though I should have known when I accidently set my ex-boyfriend on fire. Whoops! I guess I better not hope anyone else burns in hell! *giggles* Ooh, in case you wanna know, I'm the tall, curvy one with the waist length, wavy chestnut hair and silver-grey eyes. You can't miss me! Toodles!
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Ooooh. All the way from America. I bet that's interesting. I love it when people get transfered here from America!
So do I! Not many people come here from Canada, but America is the next best thing! It's so exciting, being in a new country! I'm enjoying it so much!
OMG! You're tall and curvy, too? Daddy gave me my height, but Mom's where the chest and hips came from. Goosness knows I'd never have chosen for Sparklypoo house if I were as thin as he is, good grief. I tell him all the time to eat better, but he just ignores me.

Silly Daddy.

Anyway, so nice to share a house with you now, Rosemary!
Damn machines. It wrote "Goosness" when I obviously typed in "Goodness."


February 21 2004, 15:14:05 UTC 13 years ago

OMG! Are you Rosemarysue from "OUTCASTS" by Buttercut? Who nabs hotthott PROFESSOR LUPIN? LOL (Because, some of the smarter reviewers over there are calling her Rosemarysue.) So, how's Remus, then? :)
no no, gods no! That girl Tonks, the one with the cool pink hair, would rip out my hair if she thought I was going after professor Lupin! REally, everyone knows they're together :) (besides he's really too old for me... that ron weasley though ROWR!!)