Sindaaraniel Lightfellow (sindy_sue) wrote in sparklypoo,
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Hiiii, lovelies! It's so wonderful to meet you all! I'm Sindaaraniel Lightfellow, but all of you can just call me Sindy, 'kay? ^_^ I'm an elf from a place called Middle Earth, and this really evil guy is trying to kill me. :( It's a real bummer. But you weren't supposed to know that! Whoops! ^_____^

Ahh, I'm so psyched about our new house! This is historic! We're the first house members of Sparklypoo! We should make up a chant for Quidditch games and the like. By the way, I'm a former Ravenclaw fourth year. ^_______^

Oh, and girls? Who is that adorable blonde that hangs around with those two Slytherin oafs? He reminds me of my Haldir... *sniffle*
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