Canadian Mary Sue (marysueeh) wrote in sparklypoo,
Canadian Mary Sue

Hey, everyone!

My name is Mary Sue Evans, and I'm so happy to be here in House Sparklypoo! I've just arrived at Hogwarts, having spent the last several years working as a maid for my foster family in Canada. I'm an orphan, you see, and I've been living with a family who like to have me around to do work, but refused to adopt me. I was so happy to get my Hogwarts letter, and to come here and meet so many new people! So far I like Harry the best...I feel a sort of bond with him, for some reason. I have red-gold hair, and emerald eyes, and I've been told I have a very good complexion. I can see I'll fit right in here with all you other pretty girls! Yay!
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