Rosemary Sue (rosemary_sue) wrote in sparklypoo,
Rosemary Sue

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Hi y'all!

I'm Rosemary Sue and I'm sure all y'all are just as happy as I am to be in Sparklypoo! Is this not the coolest house ever? You know, I just can't get over what a big ol' castle this is! They sure don't have homes like this where I come from in the good ol' USA. I just got here, ya know. Never even knew I was a witch until I got the letter! Though I should have known when I accidently set my ex-boyfriend on fire. Whoops! I guess I better not hope anyone else burns in hell! *giggles* Ooh, in case you wanna know, I'm the tall, curvy one with the waist length, wavy chestnut hair and silver-grey eyes. You can't miss me! Toodles!
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